She puts bags filled with water in her shoes and the reason is genius! You have to try this!


The perfect trick for all women who love shoes!

Us women tend to love shoes (most of the time). We especially love to buy them when they’re on sale and we can’t resist taking them with us. Sometimes those trendy black shoes that looked so pretty in the store aren’t very comfortable, but we buy them anyway. 

On average, women own 26 (!) pairs of shoes. Let’s face it, though, a large amount of these are probably standing at the back of the closet and haven’t seen the light of day in ages. It often happens that we come home from our shopping spree and realise that those shoes we bought weren’t as comfortable as we thought (or hopes) they were… And what do you end up doing? Returning them and buying a new pair? No need! With this trick you’ll be able to very easily stretch your shoes just that little bit extra to make sure they’ll fit you perfectly!

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