This Christmas-crazy couple already put up their decorations and there are over 10,000 lights!


They would have them up all year if they could

Who doesn’t love Christmas? We certainly do, and we love putting up our decorations as well. With 55 days to Christmas to go, we’re probably going to wait for a little while longer, though. And we might not go as all out as this British couple. They’ve already put up their Christmas decorations, including 10,000 (!) fairy lights!

Judging by the looks of John and Jean Copestick’s home in Birmingham, UK, you would think it’s the most wonderful time of the year already. The couple, both 74-years-old, starting with the elaborate task of putting up all of their decorations at the end of September. It has taken about four or five weeks, but now the house can be admired in all of its festive glory. John explains that they like to have their decorations up in time for October school half term. He also says: “If it was up to my wife we would have them up all year.”

John and Jean, who have been married for 57 years, have been decorating their house like this for over 30 years now. In this period, they’ve collected a spectacular amount of decorations that cost £7,000! Some of them aren’t even available in shops anymore: “So I have to keep on patching them up as best as I can.” When he was asked why they put up so many decorations each year, John said: “We just like doing it, and the children like all the lights.”

Luckily, John and Jean didn’t have to do all of the hard work by themselves. Their daughter Jane and her husband helped them with over 200 over the decorations and John and Jean’s foster sons helped as well. John explains that it’s really a family tradition. “When I was at school myself I got 14, 15 brothers and sisters, and we used to have all this at home then, and presents everywhere all over the house. All my kids now, they’re doing exactly the same.”

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Source: The Sun | Images: video stills The Sun