Your iPhone’s Touch ID is very easy to hack with this simple trick! It’s easier to break in than you think!

touch id

Play-Doh is the enemy of your iPhone’s Touch ID

You know you’ve taken a big step in your relationship when you know your partner’s phone password. Even though you trust someone completely, you don’t always want them to know how to get into your phone and access all of your apps and information. You’re not hiding anything from them, but that isn’t the point. Everybody values a bit of privacy, right?

It’s a good idea to keep your phone protected.

Touch ID

Everything changed in phone password land when iPhone came out with their Touch ID. With this function, the only way to get into your phone is with your fingerprint. You press your finger on the phone, it reads your fingerprint, and then you’re in. It’s a safe system, because only you have your own fingerprint, right? Well, it turns out that a bit of Play-Doh can mess things up when it comes to phone privacy. With Play-Doh, you can hack right into someone’s phone!

touch id

Break in

During an event called the Mobile World Congress in 2016, Chinese mobile security company Vkansee managed to break into every iPhone they tried. All they used was a little Play-Doh. So, Play-Doh actually poses a pretty big security risk for phone privacy. Sounds bizarre, right?

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