Never have lukewarm drinks again: with this trick cans and bottles will be cool within 5 minutes!


Your drinks will be refreshingly cool in no time at all!

We’re sure you’re familiar with the situation: you want to have a nice barbecue outside or go for a picknick somewhere, but you’ve bought the groceries too late. There you are with your lukewarm beers, while a nice, cold drink was all you wanted. On sunny days, especially, it can be really refreshing to have a cold drink. And no one likes warm beer…

With this trick, your drinks will be cool within five minutes.

No freezer

There’s no need to put your beer into the freezer and risk forgetting about it and coming back to an exploded can or bottle. No, this method is much easier. Unfortunately, you do need a couple of things you probably won’t find in the park during a picknick, but this is the perfect solution for when you need cool drinks at home. This slightly scientific trick will make sure you never have to drink warm beer again.

This is how it works

Take a bowl or bucket that’s big enough to fit multiple bottles or cans. A cooler works best because it’s insulated, but a regular bucket made out of plastic, glass or metal works fine as well. Fill this bucket with water, ice cubes and lots of salt. There’s no such thing as too much salt when it comes to this trick. Make sure there’s enough water to completely cover the drinks, since that will help them cool down quicker. Do you have a lid for the bucket or cooler? Put it on there, because that will keep the air in the bucket cool. Wait for five minutes and there you have it! Have yourself a perfectly cool drink.

The science

So, how does this work? Salt water can get reach much lower temperatures than fresh water. Its freezing point is much lower than that of fresh water; it’s at -21 degrees Celsius. That means salt water remains liquid for a lot longer than fresh water, but it’s just as cold as ice. Because the salt water comes into contact with the ice cubes, the ice cubes melt away, but don’t become warmer. In fact, the only result is that the salt water gets colder! Because the drinks are completely submerged in the cold water, they cool down much quicker.

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Source: Popsci| Image: Pexels