Ah, so that’s where fruit flies come from and THIS is how you get rid of them!

So long, fruit flies!

You’ve only just cut some fruit and before you know it those terribly annoying fruit flies are everywhere. Where do those horrible pests come from all of a sudden? And even more important: how do you get rid of them?

We wouldn’t be all too happy without those little flies either, though…

Fruit flies

Yes, it’s true, fruit flies aren’t just annoying. Did you ever think about what happens to the core of your apple when you (accidentally) drop it in the grass or on the side of the road somewhere? Without those little flies, the apple core would simply lie there until it disintegrated.

Where do they come from?

It’s not a very nice idea: the eggs (and larvae) of a fruit fly are dropped on unripe fruit. They remain their, invisible, until the temperatures go up and fermentation does its thing. Then, the flies basically drill themselves into the fruit to enjoy all of the bacteria and yeast. Before you know it you’ve got yourself a fruit bowl full of fruit flies. Great.

Prevention is better than cure

To prevent the little flies from constantly flying through your kitchen, it’s important to keep your kitchen clean and regularly empty your trash can. Also make sure you don’t leave any rotting foods in the trash. Keep an eye on your fruit bowl so you’ll notice fruit that’s turned overripe. Are there still fruit flies in your home? Then you can place a red wine bottle with just a little layer of wine in your kitchen. In no time at all the flies will no longer fly around in your kitchen; instead, they’re stuck in the bottle.

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Source: Elle, Oma Weet Raad | Image: Pixabay