Kate Middleton was wearing THIS dress from Zara and now everybody wants to own it!


Everybody wants to own this Zara dress!

It’s clear to everyone that Kate Middleton is a true style icon. The media talks about everything the Duchess of Cambridge wears. She wears a lot of beautiful expensive clothes, but she isn’t above affordable clothing either, it turns out. She was spotted in a very pretty Zara dress recently, and the internet is going wild about it!

What do you think of this summer dress from Zara?

Out and about with the kids

Together with her oldest two children, prince George and princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton took a little trip recently. They visited the Houghton Horse Trials together, which is an annual event that takes place in Norfolk. When the media found out that this dress was from well-known fashion chain Zara, everybody suddenly wanted to buy it.

Zara dress

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted out and about for the first time after the royal wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Even though she’s only just given birth to her third child, prince Louis, she’s already regained her beautiful figure. During the event in question, she was wearing a light blue, off-shoulder dress with black embroidery from Zara. That’s good news, because that means that everybody can buy this beautiful dress in the Zara webshop for a mere bargain. The dress only costs about 45 pounds and it’s perfect for any summer occasion. At the moment, the dress is completely sold out because everybody wants to wear what Kate wears, of course! The dress is expected to be back in stock soon, though.

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