Huh: We’ve been applying adhesive bandages incorrectly all of our lives


There are two methods to properly apply a patch

There are times when we have to use plasters more often than we’d like, especially when young children reach an age when they seem to need a plaster every day. One of the places we most often need a plaster is the fingers. This is not surprising, of course, because accidents can happen while cooking, cutting food, etc. Have you always applied band-aid to your fingers correctly?

Applying the plaster incorrectly

When we need a plaster quickly, for example because we’ve cut our finger, we take it out of the packaging as soon as possible and stick it on the finger. This seems fine at first, but after a few minutes you will notice that the plaster is already irritating, and you can no longer move your finger properly. Why does this happen? The explanation is simple; you’ve been applying the patch incorrectly all your life! There are two methods to properly apply a patch to a finger.

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