Got cat litter at home? You can use it for these 3 unexpected things around the house

cat litter

Your cat isn’t the only one can benefit from cat litter

People who own a cat or even multiple cats probably have at least one or two big bags of cat litter lying around the house. These useful grains aren’t just handy when it comes to filling the litter box, but for other things as well. We’ve got three unexpected uses of cat litter for you today. Did you know about these tips?

For optimal functioning it’s best to use silica grains.

Musty books

Do you ever get out some old books from the attic or discover a few great finds at a flea market? Chances are they have a bit of a musty, mildewy smell about them. Of course, you don’t want to put the books on the shelf smelling like that, since then your entire living room will start to smell musty. Here’s a great way to fix this: fill a deep, plastic container with a layer of cat litter. This layer should be about five centimeters high. Place the book or books with their backs in the litter and leave them like this overnight. The next day, you’ll notice the musty smell has disappeared!

Winter clothing

Have you put away your winter clothing? We usually don’t do anything with our winter clothes for a couple of months after we’ve put them away. Once you take the clothes out of storage again when it gets cold out, they often smell a little musty. Do you want to make sure your clothes come out smelling fresh and fruity once the winter months roll around again? Take a sock and fill it with cat litter. Make sure you tie the sock closed properly and then attach it to a clothes hanger. Place or hang the hanger between your winter clothes. The litter will absorb musty smells and moisture from the closet, which means your clothes will remain looking fresh for the months to come.

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