Unbelievable: These super practical tricks with cola will blow your mind!


We should’ve known about these cola tips before!

We love having a nice, cold glass of cola every now and then. Of course, we know we shouldn’t indulge too often, because of the large amount of sugar the soda contains. Do you have some coke leftover in the fridge? Keep reading, because we’ve got some amazing tips for you! You can use coke for all kinds of things!

The amount of things you can do around the house with cola is truly unbelievable!

Removing chewing gum from hair

How it happens is beyond us, but somehow it’s more common than you’d expect: having a piece of chewing gum stuck in your hair. Gross! Fill a bowl with coke and put the piece of hair with the chewing gum in it. Let this sit for a while and you’ll see how easy it is to remove the gum.

Descale your kettle

Is your kettle looking a little worse for wear because of all the limescale in it? Simply pour some coke in the kettle and turn it on. Pour the hot coke down the drain and rinse your kettle before using.

Cleaning the toilet

It’s not exactly a fun chore: cleaning the toilet. Stubborn lime scale in your toilet is hard to get rid off. The solution? Pouring a can of coke into the toilet! Leave it to soak for an hour, scrub the bowl with the toilet brush and then flush it. The acid in the drink will remove all of the stubborn limescale from the toilet bowl.

Burnt pots or pans

It happens to the best of us: burning food in one of our best pots or pans. A nasty, black burn stays behind in your pot and it’s usually pretty difficult to clean. Do you want to save yourself some scrubbing? Add some cola to the pot, leave it to soak for a couple of hours and then wash the pot like you normally would. The burn will be gone!


Marinating your dishes with cola? It might sound strange, but it’s delicious! You could try a satay marinade, or a chicken or pork marinade – the possibilities are endless!

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