Aha, so that’s how to do it! This is the best way to cut a mango

With these tips you will never have to fiddle with cutting a mango again

It’s easy to please people with mangoes. From mango ice cream to a mango cheese cake, or just loose pieces in a container, we love it! But this slippery fruit can be a bit tricky to cut. Fortunately, we now have the answer to how to cut a mango, once and for all.

How do you proceed?

First, cut both sides lengthwise along the length of the pit, so that you have three pieces: the center piece with the pit, and two outer halves. Take one outer half and make horizontal and vertical cuts in the mango flesh, without cutting through the skin. This creates cubes. Then push the mango peel out with your thumbs, and cut carefully scrape the cubes off the skin with your knife. Now do the same with the other half. Now the part with the stone is left. Cut the skin off and now you can scrape off a good portion of the remaining mango.

Is it still not clear? Then watch the video on the next page.

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