Huh: We’ve been applying adhesive bandages incorrectly all of our lives

The right way to apply a plaster

No matter how carefully you wrap a plaster around your finger, it will often come off after a few minutes. The plaster also has a short lifespan for young children who are eager to fidget with it. How do you solve this? By applying the patch correctly. There are two methods.

Method 1: On the fingertip

The fingertip is perhaps one of the most difficult places to bandage well. When you take a patch out of its packaging and wrap it around the fingertip, you will soon notice that the shape of the plaster does not allow the finger to move well. The solution? Before applying the patch, take a pair of scissors and cut a notch along the length of the patch on either side of the sticky part. Then place the gauze of the patch on the wound, and put the strips over the fingertip, making a cross.

Method 2: Bandage the finger

With the second method, the patch will be cut in the same way as the first method. However, this method is for wounds that are not on the fingertip, but on the finger itself. With this method, place the gauze on the wound and fold the strips over each other. In this way, the patch will do a much better job and will last longer.

Watch the video below for instructions.

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