5 reasons to never throw out eggshells again


You can do all kinds of things with eggshells

Nearly everyone always has eggs in their fridge or cupboard. You can use eggs for a great many dishes and purposes, which is why it’s nice to always have them around. After we’ve prepared an omelette, we usually throw the eggshells in the bin. It turns out that’s a real waste, though, because there are a ton of things you can do with them!

Don’t just throw out your eggshells!


First of all, it’s important to know that eggshells are healthy. An eggshell is 90 per cent calcium and calcium is great for healthy bones, teeth, nerves and muscles. Now, we don’t recommend chowing down on a piece of eggshell. That’s not fun for anybody. But you could put some eggshells through the food processor to grind it into a powder. Then you can add this powder to a smoothie for that extra calcium boost. Do make sure the eggshell has been cleaned properly before you do this.

You can do a lot more with eggshells than just consuming them, though. Go to the next page for our five eggshell tips!

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