Coffee Filter Left Over? Then Use It For Your Flower Pot!


Your plants and flowers will thank you

Many people today have a Nespresso, Senseo or Dolce Gusto machine in their kitchen. These people will now be scratching their heads, because how handy are these filters! You can use a coffee filter for much more than just making coffee, for example in your flower pot.


To make filter coffee, you obviously need a coffee filter to separate the coffee grounds from the coffee. This filter was invented by the Dresden woman Melitta Bentz, who obtained a patent for it on 8 July 1908. She came up with the idea because she was annoyed by coffee grounds in the cups. She came up with the idea of a paper filter, made from blotting paper from her son’s school exercise book, which she placed in a metal dish in which she had punctured holes. When she received compliments on this from her female friends, she decided to apply for a patent. That same year she started a business. And the coffee filter as we know it was born!


Well, that you can use coffee filters for coffee we know, but they are also very useful for those who do not have green fingers. Coffee filters are good at absorbing moisture and therefore retain it. Therefore they are ideal to put under your plants. This means you will have to water your plants much less often. The filter ensures that excess water goes to the bottom part of the pot and never too much water is left behind, because too much water can cause the roots to rot.

You can also use a coffee filter when repotting a plant. The soil can be lifted by the filter and ensures that the plant and soil do not fall apart. Saves you a lot of hassle!

Source: Flair | Image: Pexels