These are 7 things you can do with Vaseline you didn’t know about!


Some of these will definitely surprise you!

Nearly everyone has a jar of Vaseline lying around the house somewhere. You can use this slick stuff for all kinds of purposes. Most people will mostly be familiar with its usefulness when it comes to dry skin or other skin ailments. But there are so many other things you can use this simple ointment for! 

You’ll take out your jar of Vaseline a lot of more often after reading this!

Say goodbye to split ends
If you’ve got long hair, you want it look as pretty as possible, of course. Split ends can be a real eyesore when you’re looking in the mirror – and going to the hairdresser’s even more often isn’t really an option either. Instead of lathering your hair in loads of expensive conditioner when you’re in the shower, try rubbing some Vaseline on the ends of your hair instead. Bye bye, split ends!

Rub it on a bottle of nail polish
Do you use a lot of nail polish? Then you’ll probably be familiar with this: the more you use a bottle of nail polish, the harder it is to open. Prevent all that frustration by rubbing a little Vaseline on the edge of the bottle. The next time you use it, you’ll be able to open it without a problem!

Protective layer for perfume
Did you spray perfume on your skin in the morning, but has the scent disappeared after a few hours already? Try rubbing a little of Vaseline on your skin before spraying the perfume. Spray the perfume on top of the Vaseline. The ointment-like substance serves as a kind of protective layer that’ll prevent the perfume from “soaking” too far into the skin.

Make a body scrub out of it
Don’t feel like buying an expensive body scrub? There’s no need for it anyway! Mix together some Vaseline and sea salt and you’ve created your own wonderful body scrub. The ideal solution!

Fix squeaky door hinges
Are those squeaky door hinges in your home driving you absolutely insane? To stop them from making that terrible sound, you could spray some silicone spray on them. If you don’t have that on hand, however, rubbing some Vaseline on the hinges is a great alternative.

Keep your shoe soles stain-free
If you have just bought new shoes, you’ll want to keep them looking as neat and new as possible. A stain on your shoe sole can ruin that resolution. Rub a bit of Vaseline on your shoe soles to keep them stain-free.

Put in earrings
Do you only put in earrings every now and then instead of regularly? Then it’s quite possible it will hurt a bit when you do put them in. Make things easier and less painful for yourself by rubbing Vaseline on your earlobes before putting in your earrings.

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Source: NSMBLLibelle | Image: Vaseline 2SGD by Kai Hendry license CC BY 2.0