8 useful tricks you can use cotton swabs for at home

Cotton swabs are super convenient to have at home!

Do you have a box of cotton swabs in the bathroom to clean your ears or nose, or do you use them to fix your make-up? If so, then this article is for you! Cotton swabs can be used for many other things. And we’re mostly referring to some domestic chores.

You can use cotton swabs for these eight things at home.

1. Keeping creams clean

Every time you dip your finger in a jar of (day)cream, bacteria will get into the product. You can use a cotton swab to scoop out the amount you need in order to keep your care products clean.

2. Cleaning electronics

We use a lot of our electronic devices every day, but we rarely think about cleaning them properly. Lots of bacteria could get onto these electronic devices over time. Use a cotton swab dipped in some alcohol or another cleaning product to clean the corners and holes of phones, tablets and laptops. They also come in handy for cleaning the spaces between the keys of your keyboard.

3. The car interior

A moist cotton swab allows you to remove dust and dirt from hard-to-reach areas of your car’s interior. Think of door handles, window knobs, ventilation openings and the gear lever.

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