Does your phone have trouble charging? Try out this trick; it’ll make all the difference!


This trick will have you charging your phone like normal again!

It can be quite a bummer: you only bought your phone about a year ago, and now it’s already having trouble charging. Either it charges slowly or not at all. You might think you’ve broken your phone, but luckily that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case!

There’s a simple trick to make sure your smartphone can charge properly again!

Won’t charge

It’s not a good start to day: before you went to bed you plugged in in your phone to charge during the night, and when you wake up you find out it’s completely dead. Your phone hasn’t charged at all! If you’re (even more) unlucky, you’ve also missed your alarm and wake up a long time after you should have. Not what you want on a Monday morning!


Don’t worry; this doesn’t have to mean your phone is broken. The charging problem is most often caused by a clogged charging port. Over time, dirt and lint from your pocket or purse can get stuck in there. Because of this, your charger cannot connect properly to your phone. There’s no need to get this fixed by an expensive repair shop; all you need is a toothpick! Watch the video below to find out how you should go about this trick exactly.

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Image: video still YouTube