This is why you should always have ice cubes in your freezer

ice cubes
You can use ice cubes for much more than just keeping your drink cool

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to realise we’ve been having an uncharacteristically hot summer this year. Judging by the empty freezers in the supermarkets, everybody wants to stock up on ice cubes. They’re ideal for keeping your drink cool, but did you know you can use them for much more than that?

Always make sure you’ve got some ice cubes in your freezer. In the following situations, they will come in incredibly handy!

Leftover rice

Heating up rice usually results in a dry, crumbly mess. This culinary catastrophe is very easy to avoid, though, and all you need is a simple ice cube. Add an ice cube to the rice before you heat it up in the microwave. The ice cube works as a kind of steamer and this will make sure your rice stays moist.

Homemade dressing

Have you ever made an oil-based salad dressing? Then you will probably have come across the problem of a dressing that’s a little too wet. It’s easy to fix, though. How? Add an ice cube! Contrary to what you might think (“won’t it just make it more watery?”), the ice cube will help make the dressing thicker. The cold from the ice cube will cause the oil to become a little harder.

Imprints in the carpet

A carpet looks nice, but the imprints the furniture leaves behind are a little less nice to look at. You can make these imprints less prominent by rubbing an ice cube over the spot in question. Let the ice cube melt, rub the carpet and you’ll notice the imprint is a lot less visible.

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