Do you keep your olive oil right next to the stove? THIS is why you really shouldn’t do that!

olive oil

Where in your kitchen do you keep your olive oil?

Every household owns a bottle of olive oil. Whether you use extra virgin or ‘regular’ olive oil, there’s one thing you shouldn’t do with it: keep the bottle next to the stove. Yet this is exactly the place where the majority of people store theirs!

That should change as quickly as possible, for this reason!

Heat source
Do you store your bottle of olive oil next to the stove? Then it’s best to find a new place for it. According to website Prima, placing it next to the stove can severely influence the taste of the oil – especially the extra virgin variety. Many people think oil has a very long shelf life, but that isn’t the case at all. Several different experts have stated that the oil has a shelf life of 6 months after opening it, especially if it’s stored close to a heat source.

Earthy taste
Oil that becomes warm expires sooner and will develop an earthy taste after a while. To make this taste more recognizable, experts have said that the oil will start to taste a bit like nuts and vinegar. That’s not what you want for your precious olive oil, right? The perfect place to keep the bottle of oil is a place in your home that has an average temperature of between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius. Perhaps the utility room or the cabinet beneath the sink would be a better place to store it from now on?

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Source: PrimaLibelle | Image: Pixabay