Cleaning the gas burners on your stove? It’s a tedious job but we have the solution!


Can your gas burners do with some cleaning too?

Are you annoyed senselessly by the dirty gas burners on your stove? So are we, but we’ve always had some trouble cleaning them properly. We’ve compiled a list with tips that’ll make it a lot easier. Warning: don’t put the burners in the dishwasher; they’ll lose their shine!

The bottom part of the burners is the most difficult to clean, but with a few tips it becomes quite an easy task. Don’t want to clean them regularly? You can place some aluminium foil around the burners while you’re cooking.

The tips:

  • Use a degreasing cleaning agent. Spray it on the gas burner and leave it for an hour. Then, clean it with a moist cloth.
  • Mix some ammonia with some cleaning vinegar and apply it to the burner. Leave it over night and gently clean it with a scourer the next morning.
  • If you cover the gas burner with some washing powder (leave it for 10 minutes), all of the scorched black stuff will come right off.
  • If your stove is so filthy you just don’t know what to do anymore, spray some Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner on it. Wait for 15 minutes, and you’ll be able to wipe away the grime and filth just like that. Tip: do open a window or door when you use this.
  • Put your burners in a layer of cola for about half an hour. You’ll be able to easily scrub off the filth with a scourer.
  • Use a steam cleaner. Do make sure that you let the burner dry sufficiently, or you won’t be able to light the stove.
  • Let the burners soak in washing soda and hot water and you’ll be able to scrub the filth away much more easily, without leaving any scratches.
  • Put the burners in a plastic bag, together with some ammonia and a bit of water. Leave it outside over night.
  • Use a Steradent cleaning tablet to soak the burners with.
  • Good old dish soap will work well against a mild layer of filth.

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