Make blunt scissors sharp again with this simple trick

blunt scissors
Sharpen your blunt scissors in no time at all

Trying to cut something but having trouble getting through the paper? Then your scissors have probably become blunt. Blunt scissors are really annoying because quickly cutting something open isn’t really possible and cutting off some wrapping paper in a clean line won’t be happening either. You could buy new scissors, but you could also try sharpening your blunt scissors with this cheap and easy trick. We’ll explain what to do!

It will save you a lot of frustration.

Blunt scissors

There are few things as annoying as trying to cut something with blunt scissors. You expect to be able to just slice right through something, but suddenly you have to make an effort. This leads to torn paper or crookedly cut wrapping paper. That’s not what you want when you were trying to cut something neatly. And try cutting cardboard with blunt scissors; you’re going to have a hard time of it. Don’t throw away your blunt scissors, though, but try sharpening them with aluminium foil!

Aluminium foil

All you need for this trick is some aluminium foil. Tear off a piece of foil and fold it a couple of times, until you have six to eight layers. Take your scissors and use them to cut through the folded aluminium foil a couple of times. You’ll notice the scissors will suddenly have become a lot sharper.


Is aluminium foil not working well enough for you? Then take a piece of fine sandpaper. Cut into this sandpaper with your scissors a couple of times, making sure the sanding side is facing down. This can also help to sharpen your scissors for you.

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Source: Lifehacker | Image: Pexels