Cleaning your deep fryer has never been this easy! This trick is is so simple!

deep fryer

Help! How do I clean my deep fryer?!

Deep fried food is delicious, but cleaning the fryer is one of the most tedious chores in any household. Unfortunately, you do have to clean it regularly, because the filth can end up in your food as well. And you don’t want that!

Filthy fryer
If you use your deep fryer on a regular basis, it will start to look pretty gross quite soon. And it doesn’t just look gross; it isn’t very hygienic to prepare food in a filthy fryer either. Plus, a clean deep fryer won’t stink as much as a dirty one. Plenty of reasons to give it a thorough clean! Luckily, with our tip, this doesn’t have to be a tedious job at all!

How to do it:
First, remove the oil from the deep fryer. Use a paper towel to wipe away the worst of the grime. Then, fill the fryer to the edge with water (leave in the basket!) and add a dishwasher tablet. Turn on the deep fryer on the lowest level or heat and make sure the water doesn’t boil. You can turn off the fryer after 10-15 minutes. Let the water cool down for a bit. Then, carefully rinse the deep fryer and dry it with paper towels. Fill it with fresh oil, and that’s it! Your deep fryer is ready for use once more!

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