7 great reasons why you should use vodka around the house

3. It’s an important ingredient in homemade extracts

Although a lot of popular recipes for homemade extracts recommend using bourbons or whiskeys, vodka ensures a much better flavour profile. So, if you want to make your own vanilla, mint, or lemon extract; use vodka.

2. It lets glass surfaces shine

Perhaps you have a hard time believing it, but the secret ingredient for the best DIY glass cleaners is full of alcohol! Combine 240 millilitres of vodka (clear vodka or white rum will work as well) with 60 millilitres of vinegar and half a teaspoon of liquid soap. Use this to clean your windows and other glass surfaces with and they will shine like never before!

1. It will keep your breath fresh

Believe it or not, but by adding nine tablespoons of ground cinnamon to 240 millilitres of cheap vodka, you’ve made yourself one of the most effective breath-refreshing mouth waters. Do make sure you keep your DIY mouth water out of reach from small children.

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Source: TipHero | Image: Pixnio, Wikimedia Commons, Justus Blümer – photomontage

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