Not enough storage space in your kitchen? No longer, thanks to these handy tips

Storing cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are not items that you like to keep within eyesight. Often these large bottles are thrown in the cupboard under the sink, resulting in a big mess. By simply attaching a small curtain rod – yes, really – in the cabinet, you can hang up the cleaning supplies.

Pots, pots and more pots

You would rather keep a half bag of pasta, a full carton of sugar, or a carton of coffee cups out of sight. Items like these are obviously better kept behind the door of a kitchen cabinet. Are you short on space? Then put these shelf-stable products in glass jars, and display the jars on a shelf on the wall – and voila, your kitchen now looks cozy. Tip: do you often find the jars expensive? Take a look in a thrift store!


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Image: Unsplash