Grandson finds mysterious chest in the attic with peculiar contents

Grandson reveals his grandfather’s secret from the war through this discovery

The attic is usually a place in the house where not much happens. Old things are stored there and sometimes they are not looked at for years. While these items are gathering dust in the attic, they are often forgotten. Every now and then you happen to come across an old family heirloom or photo album here and there. These items can give us a wonderful and unique view of the past, but usually they are not really something to write home about.

Mysterious chest in the attic

However, that was not the case for one man who decided to clear his grandfather’s attic. Hidden under stacks of old newspapers and discarded electronics was an incredible mystery waiting to be revealed after all these years.

Japanese text

The grandson found a large old chest with a white and red cross on the front. What confused him in particular were the Japanese characters on the top of the chest. After some research he found out that the Japanese characters stand for “Damage Control Gas Aid Kit”. On the internet, he shared a number of photos of the contents of this mysterious chest, hoping that he could obtain more information about the chest in this way. The chest turned out to be full of old treasures.

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