Do you drive a stick shift? You could be damaging your car!

stick shift

This is a common mistake people make while driving their car

If you drive a car that has a stick shift, you have probably skipped some gears while shifting up or down. Usually it is easier that way; you hit the brakes and when you get to the end of the road, you need to shift to second gear anyways. So why not shift from five to two right away? Apparently, skipping gears while shifting could damage your car.

It all depends on how often you do it, of course. But it is always good to be aware of the possible risks that come with driving your car. And skipping gears while shifting is one of those risks that could damage the mechanics of your car.

Synchronizer rings

When you skip gears while shifting, you could damage the synchronizer rings in your car. Not to get too technical, but the synchronizer rings make sure that the gears of your car are all in tune when you shift. When you shift gradually, your synchronizer rings will gradually adjust the speed of the gears. When you skip gears, the rings will have to work harder to adjust the gears which will cause them to wear out. If you do this over and over again, your synchronizer rings will have to be replaced. And that is an expensive procedure.


Another problem that could occur when skipping gears, is that you exceed the recommended RPM. RPM stands for ‘revolutions per minute’, which shows you how hard your engine is working at a certain moment in time. If you shift gears you can see the RPM meter in your car move up or down. Whenever you skip gears and your car is driving faster than the gear you’re in allows, the meter will shoot up and your car will make that dreaded revving noise. If this happens a lot or if the engine has to work too hard, moving up in the red zone of the meter, your engine could break down.

So in this case, even though it takes a little longer, it might be more beneficial to gradually shift up and down when you have to shift gears. Just to avoid those expensive repair bills!

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Source: RADAR, | Image: Unsplash, Alok Sharma