Explained: this is why your dog chases his tail

dog tail

There might be something going on with your dog

Does your dog sometimes chase his tail? Even though this might seem cute and funny, it could indicate an underlying issue. Especially if it happens frequently.


All predators do the same: chase their tail. That way, they can learn how to catch prey to prepare them for the real deal. Puppy’s tend to chase their tail a lot in the first six months of their lives. After that, they won’t have to anymore because they will be able to properly hunt.

Something wrong

But according to Claudia Vinke, behavior biologist at the University of Utrecht, there might be something wrong with your dog if he keeps chasing his tail after his puppy days. “If your dog still chases his tail when he gets older, or suddenly starts chasing his tail again at an older age, it could indicate dysfunctional behavior. If your dog chases his tail once or twice, it could just be playful behavior. But if it happens more often, something might be wrong,” Vinke told MAX Vandaag.

Possible explanations

There are three possible explanations for your dog’s behavior. He could be bored because he doesn’t get enough attention, space or exercise. But it could also mean that your dog is stressed. This could be negative stress, like when you just moved or if you just had a baby, or it could be positive stress. Like when your dog get’s excited because there are people visiting your home. The final possible explanation could be that your dog’s tail or butt is hurting or itching and that is why he is trying to get to that spot.

If you see your dog chase his tail, you might want to visit your veterinarian to have it checked out.

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Source: MAX Vandaag | Image: Unsplash, Mike Cox