This is why you should replace your hot water bottle every five years

hot water bottle

A good thing to keep in mind

It’s cold outside! Now that it is more expensive to turn up the heat, a hot water bottle seems like a good option to stay warm. But did you know that your old faithful hot water bottle might not be as safe as you want it to be? 


Even though your hot water bottle can be a great help during the cold nights, there are some risks that come with the durability of the bottle. Because it is filled with hot water, you don’t want the hot water to come out. Especially if you used boiling water to fill up your cuddling buddy. And so it is very important that your hot water bottle is of the best quality. It turns out that after five years, the quality decreases, increasing the chances of the bottle breaking. Especially the rubber cap that you use to close the bottle has a bigger chance of breaking after five years. It might be more beneficial to purchase a new water bottle when you have been using your current one for a long time.


To increase the durability of your new hot water bottle, you might want to refrain from filling it with boiling water. Even though it seems like a good way to stay warm, the steam coming from the water can cause the water bottle to crack, eventually resulting in leaks. And boiling water leaking out an object that you keep close to your body is a recipe for disaster. So next time you fill up the water bottle to stay warm, you might want to use regular hot tap water.

That’ll keep you just as warm and is a lot less risky!

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pixabay, calm_lu