The police warns about pieces of cardboard between the front door! Call the police when you see this!


The piece of cardboard between the front door is burglar’s trick…

It’s a lot of people’s biggest fear: coming home to find out your home had been robbed. We often leave on a few lights when we’re out for the evening, but what about when you’re on holiday? The police strongly recommend checking your front door to see if there are any pieces of paper or cardboard there. If you do find some, you should immediately contact the authorities!

It might mean that there’s a burglar nearby!

The police has discovered this trick which burglars like to use. By placing a piece of cardboard between the door and the doorjamb, a burglar tries to find out whether or not the inhabitants are gone for a longer period of time. If the burglar comes back after a few days and finds the cardboard in exactly the same place, he’ll know that he can likely go in without much trouble. If the cardboard is gone, he knows that someone has been home. That means there’s more risk involved with going in. This is a variation on the trick of placing a coin or a small branch up straight against the door. If it’s still there after a while, chances are no one has been home since the last time the burglar was there.

So, keep an eye out for pieces of paper or other suspicious things near your door!

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