He bought a 700-year-old cave and you won’t believe what he did with it! This is amazing!


The ultimate dream home

When Englishman Angelo Mastropietro found out he had MS, he decided to build the house of his dreams. He quit his job, bought a set of tools and started work on his dream home. That dream home was a cave he discovered in 2009 when he had to take shelter from the rain during a bike ride. A few years later, he decided to buy the cave and the surrounding land. 

The renovated cave, which is situated near Worcestershire in England, even includes a rain shower, underfloor heating and internet connection. The home also has a beautiful kitchen, which wouldn’t be ill-suited in a sleek modern home. Want to look or walk outside? No problem at all! The cave has loads of trendy windows and doors. Angelo spent a whopping £160.000 and around 1,000 hours of work, but the result is definitely worth it. It’s absolutely stunning, without a doubt!

Experts say that the cave is over 700 years old.

Angelo said that his MS determines his lifestyle and his health and that has definitely made him think. He needed to live somewhere that would make him happier and healthier.

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