This tiny house is only 30 m2 but with an unusual inside

tiny house

This tiny house is even prettier on the inside than on the outside

It’s been a huge hit in the United States for years already: the so-called tiny house movement. It started as a kind of countermovement to the economic crisis and the luxurious houses that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. Among a growing group of people, the need arose to look at life differently: more simple and small, with fewer possessions and more sustainable.

Being a homeowner with a big house and an even bigger mortgage is no longer as common as it was before, and in 2008, shortly after the crisis started, the first tiny houses were built.

Sustainable and inexpensive

A tiny house is a fully equipped home of no more than 30 m2. It’s built in a sustainable manner and it’s meant to be habitable all year long. Living in a tiny house reduces your ecological footprint because of the considerably smaller living space. There’s less space to store all of your belongings, which means you’ll have to have fewer belongings as a rule.

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