Six reasons to send out some Christmas cards

christmas cards

Spread some physical Christmas cheer this year

With all the current digital possibilities, sending out Christmas cards to your loved ones can be done with just the click of a button. But there are some benefits to putting in the effort of writing and sending out your Christmas wishes by hand. 


Even though a text message is fast and might hold the same meaning, sending out a physical card with your own writing on it makes your wishes more tangible. By sending a card, you’re not only letting people know that you’re thinking about them, the effort is more appreciated since you had to buy the card and write it yourself. 


A special card with a heartfelt message on it might be something you want to keep and save. Just so you can save the memory. Printing out an email might do the trick too but a card just gives it an extra nice touch. 


A handwritten message is very personal. You have to look for just the right cards, the ones that either reflect your personality or the personality of the person you’re sending it to. And you fill it up with a handwritten message to wish the other person happy holidays and a wonderful new year. Getting a Christmas card in your mailbox might just be what you need to get into the Christmas spirit. 


When you look at the mail you’re currently receiving, not a lot of it will be cheerful. As soon as you’re old enough to pay taxes and pay for health insurance, the letters you receive are usually bills or practical information about the things you have to pay or that you have to take care of. Receiving a Christmas card would be a nice change in the kind of mail you usually get. Guaranteed the recipient of your Christmas card will feel more cheerful when receiving your handwritten Christmas wishes.


If your loved ones live far away, maintaining a digital connection through text message or social media is very convenient and helpful but to improve the connection, it might actually be beneficial to add a personal note to a personal Christmas card. Write down some fun quote or an anecdote, a shared memory or an update about your life. This might make you feel more connected to the people around you.


Christmas cards are not just fun to receive, they’re also a lot of fun to have: you can put out your cards to serve as decorations. Either put them on your windowsill or hang them on your wall. Find a card with a great design and a ‘Christmas-y’ feel to it, and help your loved ones decorate their homes for Christmas. 

Sending out Christmas or New Years-cards takes a little bit more effort but it can really help spread the Christmas joy and cheer. 

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Source: Vriendin | Image: Unsplash, Tanya Trukyr