Uncle leaves behind old garage and what the family finds inside is unbelievable

old garage

The family encountered a huge surprise in the garage

A family member passing away is always sad. But sometimes, stories arise about extraordinary inheritances that are passed on to an unknowing family. This was the case for a family from Newcastle, England. An uncle that had been sick for a long time came to pass away and he left behind a dusty old garage. No one expected to find anything special inside and yet they did!

The uncle didn’t just leave behind his home and all of its contents, but also his old garage.

Old garage

In the spring of 2007, 89-year-old Dr Harrold Carr passed away in his hometown of Newcastle. After his death, the old man managed to surprise his family quite spectacularly, as it turned out he’d been an avid collector. His family inherited his dusty, old garage, which contained a big surprise. Carr’s nephew opened up the garage and found something he hadn’t dared to even dream of.


Everybody knew Dr Harrold Carr lived quite a secluded life during his last years. He lived as a hermit, partly because of his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He never threw away anything and started to collect more and more things. Carr had a love for cars, planes, machines and anything related to adventure. In his storage space, he mostly collected car parts, but no one really knew how many and what kind of cars he kept in the garage.

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