3 tips to make unloading the dishwasher a little easier


Unloading the dishwasher in a smart way will save you a lot of time

Everybody has their own way of loading the dishwasher. Some people have a strict system while other haphazardly throw their things in there. In another article, we already gave you four golden rules for loading the dishwasher. Are you satisfied with your dishwasher-loading abilities? Onto the next part: unloading it. There are a ton of tips and tricks for this as well. We’ll give you three tips for unloading the dishwasher.

With a few little tricks, you’ll be able to unload the dishwasher in no time at all from now on.

1. Bottom first

You probably found this out on your own already but it bears repeating: first unload the bottom drawer! Because of the dishwasher’s strong jets of water, lightweight items that are on the top drawer often get flipped over, causing them to fill with water. So, what happens if you unload the top drawer first? The items in the bottom drawer get wet. Unload the bottom drawer first to prevent this from happening and to avoid having to spend additional time drying off the clean dishes.

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