Removing green stains from patio tiles? With this trick, it is very simple! You really must try this!

Green deposits

Super clean tiles in a jiffy!

We are dealing with a query from one of our readers this week about summer and patios: how can I best clean my patio tiles? Of course, we have a solution for that! Keep reading!

Summery weather is around the corner, so we will all be moving outdoors to enjoy the lovely sunshine. And what could be nicer than enjoying that sunshine on your beautiful, clean patio? Unfortunately, we all know the problem of patio tiles being covered in a nasty green deposit. Today, we are offering you the solution for combating that green deposit! Of course, it would be better if you could prevent the stubborn sediment altogether. This can be done by regularly pouring the water that you have boiled potatoes in over your patio tiles (let’s face it, most of us eat potatoes all the time!). If you haven’t managed to do this, we have a golden tip for you!

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