You can live in this house for FREE but there’s one condition… Would you do it?


A home for free, but under one condition

Living in a beautiful house with a huge garden; it sounds like a dream come true, right? There is one condition, though… Would you do it?

Family house
This lovely Cape Cod home, situated at Lake Jeanette Road in Greensboro, is very important to Bonnie Kuester. She moved into it in 1946, when she was only three years old, and has many dear memories of her time in the house. Unfortunately, she is forced to move out of it because a contracting company named Granville Homes wants to build 28 town homes in its place. That’s why Kuester has decided to give her home away for free – under one condition.

The condition
The only condition is that the person moving in has to make sure that the house gets transported to another place in its entirety. All of the costs that come with this operation need to be covered by that person. This way, Kuester will be able to preserve the house that’s been in her family for decades. She hopes someone will seriously take her up on her offer and will enjoy her beautiful house just as much as she has done. Would you be willing to do it?

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