Very dangerous: this why you should never do the dishes during a thunder storm

thunder storm

You might want to postpone doing the dishes if there’s a thunder storm going on…

Obviously we all head inside when a thunder storm breaks loose outside. We also know we’re not supposed to touch the iron railing on our balcony during a thunder storm, because we might be shocked. But what are you going to do inside during a storm? Doing the dishes, showering? Bad idea…

You really shouldn’t do these things during a thunder storm.


Now the weather is getting better again, thunder storms will also happen more frequently. No matter how cool the flashes look and how exciting the thundering is, it can also be really dangerous. John Jensenius, expert when it comes to weather safety, explains that you need to stay away from everything that conducts electricity. This includes water pipes. “Certainly showers would be dangerous, it would be dangerous to be washing your hands or washing dishes. Just avoid those any time you can hear thunder.”

So, if there’s a storm raging on outside, try sitting down on the sofa and reading a book. The dishes can wait until later. Better safe than sorry!

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