Got a clogged shower drain? This natural solution will unclog it for you in a jiffy!

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Unclogging your shower drain can be super easy!

We love showering: standing beneath the hot spray is a form of true relaxation as far as we’re concerned. It can be a real bummer to have to cut short this relaxing moment because you’re standing ankle deep in water, though. A clogged shower drain is enough to make anybody grumpy in the morning.

So, how can you unclog the drain in a way that’s both cheap and easy?

Hair and soap

Unfortunately, it can be pretty difficult to prevent your shower drain from clogging. Because of all the hair washing you do, a lot of hairs end up in the drain. Together with the soap scum this will form a sticky type of ball within the drain. The water won’t be able to easily get away and a layer of water will build up in your shower cabin. To prevent the drain from clogging even more, it’s important to remove stray hairs from the shower drain after every shower you take. Also rinse away any soap scum with hot water.

Natural solution

Has the damage been done and are you unable to shower without standing ankle deep in water? Then it’s a good idea to unclog your drain with a homemade, natural solution made from baking soda, vinegar and water. It’s important to first remove as many hairs as possible from the drain, though! Then, mix together 50 grams of baking soda and 80 milliliters vinegar in a bucket or bowl. The mixture will start to fizz, after which you should immediately pour it down the drain. Let the mixture sit and do its thing for an hour and then rinse properly with hot water.

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