Wow! This is what gardening can do for your mental health!


There’s no need to spend hours and hours gardening

A few hours of working in your garden doesn’t just result in a beautiful garden, it’ll also help you burn some calories. For example, with an hour of watering plants you’ll burn 120 calories already. But is that the only benefit of gardening? No! It turns out it’s also very good for your mental health.

Half an hour of gardening already has a positive effect on your health.


The British universities of Westminster and Essex have done research into the benefits of gardening and they’ve found out that people who spend more time working in their garden will feel more relaxed. The fun part? Spending thirty minutes a week on your garden has a positive effect on your mental health already. So, there’s no need to spend your entire free Sunday afternoon in between the weeds and mud.


Working in your garden will help you forget about your worries a bit more easily. You’re focusing on what has to happen in that moment: watering the flowers, repotting plants and getting rid of weeds. Plus, you’re outside in the fresh air, soaking up vitamin D from the sunshine and smelling all kinds of lovely flowers, if you’re lucky. All of these factors cause you to be able to relax for a little while. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and garden!

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Source: Libelle België | Image: Pixabay