These are nine habits of people whose homes are always clean and tidy!


With these habits, a tidy home won’t be any trouble!

You probably know a person whose home always seems to be neat and tidy. On the one hand, we really admire these people, but on the other hand… always cleaning and tidying doesn’t seem like fun to us at all. But did you know you can make sure your home is always neat if you teach yourself (and your family) these habits?

  • Put away your clothes every day
    We all have a chair (or a corner) that is covered in clothes more often than not. When you go to bed at night, you take off your clothes and put them on the chair. That’s just how it works, right? We clean up this pile of clothes once a week, at most. Try to put away your clothes in the hamper or the closet every night, though. It’ll save you a mess and time cleaning it up later!
  • Get rid of duplicates
    If we are really honest with ourselves, we have to admit we’re all hoarders on some level. But do you really need 36 pairs of scissors, 15 rolls of scotch tape and an entire drawer filled with half empty batteries? Throw out all of the redundant stuff you own and you’ll notice right away your home will be much tidier.
  • Organise your paperwork
    A lot of people have a cupboard or a drawer filled with all kinds of paperwork. Take an afternoon to sort all of this out. Sort important documents into folders and throw out all of the other paperwork you have no need for. The same goes for that entire stack of old magazines you’re never going to read again.
  • Clean on the go
    Have you just had a meal or drank some coffee or wine with friends? Clean the table with a damp cloth straight away. This way, you’ll make sure filth, dust and grease won’t accumulate. Plus, clean surfaces immediately give your home a tidier and cleaner look.
  • Get rid of trinkets and knick knacks
    A bed covered in blankets and pillows? A whole load of trinkets on the window sill? It all looks beautiful in interior design magazines, but in our homes it just looks like junk. This is the harsh truth, so unless you’re an interior designer: keep it simple. Knick knacks and other small items just make a room seem cluttered.
  • Put away coats and shoes
    Do you kick of your shoes and drape your coat over a chair when you get home? Don’t. This doesn’t just make your home seem untidy, it also brings dirt in your home for no reason. Hang your coat on the coat rack and put away your shoes.
  • Don’t hoard dirty dishes
    Alright, doing the dishes three times a day sounds terrible. But if you realise you’ll only have about two or things to wash, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore, right? Dry your dishes straight away instead of letting them dry on a dish rack; this looks untidy.
  • Put stuff back where it comes from
    When everything has its proper place, it isn’t too hard to tidy up the things you’ve used. Things like ‘clutter drawers’ are non-existent in tidy people’s homes because of this reason.
  • Keep the floor clean
    The number one rule for a home that looks and feels clean is having a clean floor. You don’t have to vacuum every single day, but do try sweeping your floor with a Swiffer every day. It’ll make a huge difference!

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