A family bought a dog, but the vet called the police the moment he saw it

Big dog with sharp teeth

One day the dog started acting really weird. The whole family was shocked. Why is that? Little Cute Blackie was standing on two legs! And he wasn’t exactly “Little” anymore. When he turned two years old, he was already a meter long and weighed more than 110 kilos. The Tibetan Mastiff is a large breed of dog, but this was an extreme case. The family also realized that Little Cute Blackie had enormous teeth. Most notably, the canines didn’t look anything like dog teeth. The sharp teeth looked more like the jaws of an angry animal than canines. The family became quite afraid of the dog. However friendly and cute he may have been, they were worried that he could attack and bite someone. If Cute Little Blackie were to bite someone it would leave a big wound due to the large, sharp teeth.

To the vet

Sue and her family decided to have Little Cute Blackie checked out at the vet. The vet immediately called the police and shared some sad news with the family: this was the last time they’d be seeing their beloved pet. The vet started asking the family numerous questions about Little Cute Blackie like where he came from, what his diet was, how big he was at first, his behavior, etc. Not too long after, the police came to take him away. So, what was the problem? Little Cute Blackie wasn’t a dog. Nope, he was an Asian black bear.

dog 3

dog 1

Black bear

The Asian black bear is an endangered species that is nearly extinct. Because the bears’ bile can be used for medicinal purposes, they are often captured and killed by humans. In China there’s a law that says that the police must protect these endangered species. This was sad news for Sue’s family who now had to say goodbye to their furry friend. They were however happy to find out why Little Cute Blackie was such a weird dog and that he was going somewhere safe.

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