Why you shouldn’t fold your towels and what to do instead

Don’t fold your towels, but roll them instead; it has a ton of benefits!

Do you always fold your towels after you’ve taken them out of the dryer or off the drying rack? Most people do, and we were among them too! A neat stack of clean towels to go right into the linen closet. But did you know it’s much handier to roll your towels instead of folding them? It doesn’t just save you space, it also has some other great benefits.

We won’t fold a towel ever again, but do this instead!

Soft towels

Do you regularly have to dry yourself with a rough, hard towel after taking a shower? Have you already accepted that this is just a part of life? There’s no need for that! You can very easily make sure your towels will remain nice and soft. The reason why towels become rough and scratchy is usually that you’re making certain mistakes during the washing and drying.


There are a couple of things you have to avoid when doing laundry and one of those things is using fabric softener. Sure, your fresh laundry might at first become a little softer, but the towels will absorb a lot less and soap residue will remain behind in the fibres of the towels. It’s much better to use other techniques to make sure your towels come out soft. An example is to put them in the dryer at a low setting.

So, why should you be rolling your towels instead of folding them? Go to the next page to read all about it!

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