29 easy and practical tips for your home

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Even with two left hands, these chores will be done in a jiffy

Owning a home brings a lot freedom, but also a ton of responsibility. You can’t call the landlord if your toilet is clogged or when there’s a leak. Nope, you’ve got to do that yourself. Some people are good with their hands and can fix it with no problem, but for others it seems to be an impossible task. Thankfully, we have 29 easy and practical tips that, even with two left hands, can be done in a jiffy.

1.Use colored pencils to cover up nail holes

Do you have walls covered in nail holes? Don’t panic, these can easily be covered up with a colored pencil. Grab a colored pencil that’s the same color as your wall and press it firmly on the hole. It’s like coloring on the walls, but for adults!

2. Create the perfect sealant edge with tape

It’s not easy making a perfectly tight sealant edge on your own. With some masking tape you’ll make it a lot easier on yourself. Make sure to tape this as straight as possible and then follow this line with the sealant. Remove the painter’s tape while the sealant is still wet. As the sealant starts to dry, you may end up pulling up some of the dried sealant, leaving a less than perfect line. So be patient.

3. Unscrew a broken lightbulb with a potato

Have you ever broken a lightbulb while it was still screwed in? Then you know just how hard it is to remove the broken bulb because you could easily cut your hand on the glass. The solution is… a potato! Cut the potato in half and push the soft side onto the broken bulb. Turn the potato counterclockwise until its firmly in place. Don’t forget to unplug the lamp and wear safety gloves when using this hack. Safety first!

4. Use a rubber band to remove stripped screws

Put a rubber band or piece of elastic on the head of the screw, before trying to remove it with a screwdriver. The rubber creates extra friction therefore getting the screw out easily! Perfect!

5. Fill in nail holes with a piece of soap

Prefer not to fill in the nail holes with colored pencils? A piece of soap will work just as well. Rub a standard piece of white soap in a circular counterclockwise motion over the hole. The soap will leave behind some residue in the nail hole. The rest of the soap can be wiped off with a warm, moist towel.

6. Baby powder on squeaky floors

Do your wooden floors make lots of noise when you walk on them? That’s probably due to the pieces of wood rubbing against each other. To solve this problem, fill a small squeeze bottle (like ones from hair dye kits) with baby powder. Squeeze out the baby powder between the floorboards and use a make-up brush to push the powder in. Now you won’t have to worry about squeaks and cracks anymore!

7. Fix dents in wood with an iron

Ironing your wood floors? Yep! Small dents in your furniture and wooden floors can easily be removed with an iron. Wet the dent with a bit of water and a damp towel and then slide the iron on top in a circular motion.

8. Remove marker- or wall murals using WD-40

Everyone knows that WD-40 is a miracle worker at home. It even works on your children’s artwork – they can easily be removed. This works best if your paint has a bit of shine.

9. Clean grout with toilet cleaner

Cleaning the grout between the tiles is a tedious job, but this tip makes it a lot easier. Apply toilet cleaner to the grout and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then scrub the solution into the grout with a toothbrush or other small brush. Finally, mop the floor with warm water and the job is done.

10. Cramps in your legs? Then sleep with soap

While this isn’t exactly a home repair tip, it’s too good not to share. We all experience leg cramps when trying to sleep. The solution is actually very simple: a bar of soap under your fitted sheet. Why or how this works exactly is still unknown, but many people swear by it. Definitely worth a try!

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