3 tricks to keep your garbage can from smelling bad

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Three solutions to a smelly garbage can

You probably know what we mean when we talk about that characteristic garbage can smell. It’s safe to say no one enjoys that smell. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable, as we have to put our rubbish somewhere. Usually, the smell leaves once we have emptied the garbage and replaced the bin liner with a new one. But, sometimes the smell lingers because it has seeped into the garbage can itself. If that’s the case, you can use the following tips to get rid of a smelly garbage can.

You probably have everything you need already.

Method 1: Newspapers

Grab a few old newspapers and line the bottom of the garbage can with them. The papers will absorb gross and smelly liquids as well as the smell. After taking out the garbage, you can easily take out the newspapers as well and replace them with new ones. Use a few layers, ensuring that the bottom stays clean. This means you’ll have to do less cleaning.

Method 2: Dryer sheets

These little towels are supposed to go in the dryer to make your clothes smell nice, but they’re also perfect for smelly garbage cans. Put one dryer sheet in the bottom of your garbage can and you won’t be bothered by any nasty smells anymore. You can also put a little fabric softener on a kitchen towel and put this in the garbage bin.

Method 3: Sachet

You’d usually put sachets between towels or folded clothes to make them smell nicer whilst they’re in your wardrobe. These are also perfect to combat nasty smells in your garbage, but there’s no need to use expensive sachets from the store. You can easily make one yourself by using a coffee filter and baking soda. Fill the coffee filter with a cup of soda and tie it closed with a little dental floss. Put the baggie in the bottom of the bin. The baking soda will absorb smells, meaning your garbage can will smell less.

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Source: Real Simple  | Image: Tips and Tricks