10 surprisingly normal things the president of the United States can’t do

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“Normal” Things

We all know that the president has important tasks when it comes to leading the country, but what about the “normal” things that they’re unable to do now? Insiders let us in on 10 things the president can’t do.

Call friends

It now seems pretty normal to be able to call your friends at any time of day. But for the president of the U.S. it’s not as easy. According to Matt Pinkser, Homeland Security professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University, the president can only call on a private line. So if the president wants to call a friend, he first has to let the Secret Service know.

Go to the movies

The president of the United States can’t just go to a movie theater. Therefore, the movies are brought to the White House and played in their personal theater.

Eating out

Going out to eat isn’t completely off limits. But the Secret Service has to be made aware of the plans well in advance. This allows them to secure the restaurant ahead of time. There’s also a “food taster” who ensures that the food is safe to eat.

Driving a car

Driving a car is an absolute no-go. The president is driven around in a highly armored car with a driver who has had extensive training. According to Dr. Jim Ronan, author and professor of political sciences at Villanova Universty, the president is allowed to walk or bike at private location. Losing their licenses is seen by many former presidents as their biggest loss. President Reagan and George W. Bush were allowed to drive around in secure areas.

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