Expensive villa for sale with very ‘special’ bedrooms

villa bedrooms

The villa is beautiful. The bedrooms on the other hand…

In the English Middlesex, a very striking villa has been listed for sale. The photos of the house are now spreading all over the world because of its special bedrooms. There is also a considerable price tag attached to the luxurious accommodation1.7 million euros.

What do you think of the striking bedrooms?


Nearly everyone looks at other people’s houses online, visiting real estate websites to take a look inside. But let’s not limit ourselves to the housing market of our own country. Why not search for gems on the market in England, like this special place?


From the outside, there is nothing special to see about this English villa. At first glance, the house looks neat, sleek and well-kept. The photo of the kitchen below shows that it’s also modern. Still, not everything is what it may seem when we look at all the photos from the inside of the villa. When we get to the pictures of the bedrooms, we notice something special…

villa bedrooms

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