Oops: Man completely blows up the garden after he tries to get rid of the cockroach

Blowing up the garden was not entirely his intention

What do you do when you come across a cockroach? Keep calm, scream, move… or just set your garden on fire. The last thing is what a man from Brazil did. Cesar Smitz and his wife had been plagued by cockroaches in their gardens for ages, and Cesar decided it was enough. He thought it was a good idea to set fire to his garden, but that did not go well.

People are capable of doing funny things to get rid of pests.

Cockroach plague

Pour some gasoline into the holes in the lawn and light it. It was the solution Cesar had in mind to eliminate the cockroaches in his garden. “My wife is scared of the cockroaches and begged me to destroy their nests in the ground once and for all,” Cesar tells FocusOn News. He had not thought that his lawn would be destroyed.

Gasoline and matches

He initially used other pesticides, but the spray he used didn’t work. He therefore decided to take more drastic measures. He threw – together with a big dash of gasoline – a burning match into the cave. He hoped to set fire to the ground underneath. For a moment it seemed like nothing was happening, but seconds after he threw a third match in the hole, the entire lawn is blew up.

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