14 ways you can use Ziplock bags

In the kitchen

If you already use Ziplock bags, chances are that it is in the kitchen, but you may not be aware of the following tips.

9. Ready-to-eat meal

Keep your food (or leftovers) in ready-to-eat portions in a Ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. This is ideal if you need a meal “as soon as possible”. Just take a bag out of the freezer, heat up the food and you are ready to eat. A Ziplock bag also saves a lot of space in your freezer.

10. Opened packages

Opened packages of cookies, for example, are often not completely closed again. As a result, the cookies become soft and lose their crunch. You can easily prevent this by putting the opened package in a Ziplock bag. This way your food stays nice and fresh.

11. Decorating a cake

Don’t have a piping bag at home to decorate your pie or cake? Ziplock bags are also ideal for this. Put the icing mixture (or pie dough) in the bag, cut the tip off and your piping bag is ready! You can decide how big you want the opening to be, which is ideal!

12. Crush

Do you want to crush cookies for your cake base, without the crumbs flying in all directions, and your entire kitchen being covered? You can do this by putting the cookies in a Ziplock bag. Close the bag tightly and crush. You can, of course, do this with many other ingredients.

13. Digital cookbook

When following a recipe on your phone, put your cell phone in a Ziplock bag. This way your phone stays dry and splash-free. Just make sure your phone doesn’t lock too quickly.

14. Environment

These tips are very handy, but of course, it’s not very good for the environment to always use plastic bags. Fortunately, reusable bags are available nowadays. These are a lot more environmentally friendly than the traditional plastic version.

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