Father-to-be walks away from childbirth: “I couldn’t help anyway.”

While his wife gives birth to twins, the expectant father returns to the office

It’s hard to imagine what it takes to give birth, if you’ve never experienced it. Feeling unprepared, expectant father Adrian* leaves the hospital while his wife gives birth to twins. Of course, this angered his wife …

Expecting twins

“My wife Heather* and I were expecting twins,” Adrian begins his story on the Reddit forum. “On a Sunday evening around 6 pm the contractions started and we went to the hospital. It soon became verye painful for Heather: she practically squeezed the blood from my hand and almost vomited all over me.”

Important presentation

The labor continues for hours, and slowly it becomes Monday morning. Early that morning Adrian receives a call from his father. “I work for my father’s company, and we had an important presentation to a few clients that Monday morning. My father called me to remind me to get ready for this appointment. I told him that Heather was in labor, but my father thought I really should be present at that presentation.”

“No way to help”

Adrian’s father then tries to reason with his son. “He said there was no way I could help my wife deliver, that the moment the baby ‘comes out’ is not as special as people lead you to believe, and that you are not prepared for ‘how bloody’ it is.” This makes Adrian think. Labor takes a long time and the babies will probably need to be delivered with forceps. “I couldn’t help with that anyway, and my dad was counting on me. I told Heather that I was going to work.”

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*Adrian and Heather are not the real names of these parents. On Reddit, the man shared his story under the name apcsois.

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