This is why you should take your coat off before driving


Keeping your jacket on could be dangerous

If it is this cold outside, keeping your coat on while driving your car seems like a warmer option than taking it off. Especially if your car heater takes forever to get warm. But did you know that this could actually be dangerous? The ADAC warns that leaving your jacket on in the car could especially be dangerous for children. 


The ADAC, Allgemeiner Deutsche Automobil-Club, did some crash tests to find out whether it is safe to wear your coat while driving. They imitated a car crash in which one car crashes into the back of another; a rear-end collision. In this case you would expect a puffy winter jacket to keep you save from impact, but the opposite appears to be true. During the crash test, the seat belt cut deep into the skin of the crash dummies. This is because of the space that your jacket creates between the seat belt and your body. When you wear a jacket, your seat belt does not ‘fit’ your body properly. When there’s a crash, this space causes the edge of the belt to move towards your body, cutting into the skin of your belly. This causes injuries to your skin but also to your intestines, liver or spleen. In children, these kinds of injuries can cause fatal internal bleeding.

No coats and jackets

The advice of the ADAC would be not to wear your jacket while in the car. And also make sure your kids and passengers take their jackets off too. If you are cold and still want to wear a jacket, wear it over your seat belt. Or take a blanket into the car for the kids. It might not be as warm and comfy as wearing your puffy winter jacket, but at least you’ll be safe in case of a crash.

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Source: NOS | Image: Pexels, Oleksandr Pidvalnyi