Does tea with honey really help against a cold or is it a fable?

It’s nice and sweet but does it really help?

If you have a sore throat, a cup of tea with honey can have a soothing effect on a throat that feels like scouring paper. But to what extent does a cup of tea with a generous tablespoon of this wonderful bee-made substance actually help to get rid of your cold?

Honey can have beneficial effects on people with a cold.

Antibacterial properties

When you have a cold, it definitely won’t hurt to add some honey to your cup of tea. In fact, it can really help against your cold. The sweet substance has antibacterial properties. This is caused by certain proteins bees use to protect their beehive and their food. These proteins also end up in the honey and that’s why it has an antibacterial function.

More benefits

Not only does honey have antibacterial properties, but it also has another great benefit. The substance contains very little water – only 2 per cent, to be exact. Because of this, honey immediately looks for the moisture inside your body as soon as it enters it. Subsequently, the bee product absorbs the bacteria and that means they die more quickly.

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Source: YouTube SciShow | Image: Pexels